About Me

Aurélia Robert

A Story... Not Only About Me But Especially About Change

I believe that real Change happens through:

  • Choice
  • Commitment
  • Curiosity
  • Cherishing



January 2015

After graduating from high school at 18,  I was supposed to follow a university program in Paris near my home place. After going to university for 4 days, I decided to quit because I felt that the program and I weren’t a match. As it was the beginning of the scholar year, no other universities had a spot, so I decided to ask myself “what do I want to do this year?”, which made me realized that I had 2 goals: learn English, and make some money. To get both, I decided to become an Au Pair Girl in the Netherlands for 7 months. This experience of living at someone’s place while being considered as a family member wasn’t always easy, but I knew that I was on the right path.

“Choose what YOU want and Effective Change will follow.”



September 2015

From one of my mother’s friends, I found the perfect Bachelor program in Maastricht, the Netherlands. As a French native, my English level was really poor and a long journey was waiting for me by getting into this international and high-level program. The first year was really difficult, a lot of students dropped after a few months and I was failing some of my exams one after the other. From morning to evening I would work on my English level, academic writing, and the content of the program. At the end of year, I was missing 19 ECTS to get to the second year. I had to defend my case in front of the Board of Examinators, which was quite scary. Fortunately, I passed. The second year I caught up with the other students, got much better results, and went to the third year. This last year was meant to write the Bachelor thesis. After months of work, I failed. It felt like another fallback. With the support of my family and friends, I paid for a while fourth year to only re-do the thesis, which I finally passed!

“Commit to whom YOU want to become and Efficient Change will happen.”



June 2015

Spending the weekend at my boyfriend’s place, I discovered a book on one of his library shelves that was offered to him and that he didn’t have read yet, The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. This book represents the ‘official’ beginning of my self-development journey. Since then, I’ve read about 20 personal development books next to my studies and countless articles, podcasts, TED Talks, and documentaries. And I’m not ready to stop. From this moment on, I became a whole new person: more confident, balance, optimist, peaceful, and healthier – I have found my passion for coaching and personal development. Some say that opportunities show up by luck, but I believe that we find them based on where we decide to look and by how much we decide to open ourselves to the world around us.

“Be Curious and Surprising Change will take place.”



May 2020

By reading, watching, and listening to many self-improvement books, videos, and articles; I felt that not sharing my knowledge with others would be wasting it.  At the same time, for the last 5 years, something has been bothering me. Each time I wanted to find a new self-help book to read, I couldn’t find a website offering summaries and reviews only about the best personal development books and that would categorize them through life’s aspects. After all, if I wanted to learn about finances,  where should I go? What was the right book for me, as a beginner? Or if I wanted to learn about spirituality, with which book should I start? So I decided to create this website, and it seems that everything I have chosen, explored, and learned about, led me to this new project. Everything you focus on grows.

“Cherish your dreams, yourself and others; and Healthy Change will follow.”