As a coach, my purpose is to guide you create the TRANSFORMATION you want.

You have the POWER to change not only your results or actions but also - and especially - your emotional state as well as your mindset, and so your most anchored habits.

This circular process can either help or limit yourself and your potential.

By gaining awareness over your (un)conscious habits you will design the change you want and so, become the BEST version of yourself.


Bachelor Arts, Culture and Social Sciences at Maastricht University - Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Master Culture, Organization and Management at VU University – Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Internship at In2motivation, Personal and Professional Development International Training and Coaching – Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Certified International Coaching Skills for Professionals, In2motivation.

Certified International Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, In2motivation.


Public Speaking Training, In2motivation.

International NLP Practitioner, In2motivation.

Leadership is Simple Training, In2motivation.

International Coaching Skills for Professionals , In2motivation.

Communicate with Confidence Training, In2motivation.

International Cultural Management – Hofstede Dimensions, In2motivation.